food for the soul
2003-11-17 09:27:04 ET

isn't it wonderful to forget about an artiste/composer and rediscover them when you put in a long lost cd? I LOVE GERSHWIN!!!! Has anyone seen the fantasia 2000? it is awesome!

2003-11-17 16:16:53 ET

i love fantasia 2000. George Gershwin is so great. That song is one of my favorites. I even suggested using it for my film project. and we did. and it worked perfectly with the movie. it was great.

2003-11-19 15:29:59 ET

Gershwin rocks. It's nice to find an old friend isn't it?

2003-11-19 19:25:52 ET

i haven't yet. what's new with it?

2003-11-19 19:32:03 ET

everything. except they showed they "Magician's aprentice" which is my least fav. in all of fantasia.

"Rhapsody in blue" yay!

2003-11-19 19:39:41 ET

that's my least favourite too!

2003-11-19 19:40:22 ET

yay! someone who agrees!!!

my fav. in the old one is with the hippos.

2003-11-19 19:41:09 ET

!! mine too.

2003-11-19 19:41:27 ET

*high five*

2003-11-19 19:49:31 ET

right back atcha

2003-11-19 19:49:53 ET


2003-11-20 14:04:33 ET

Angel: yes it is very nice to find an old friend!

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