genious, sheer genious
2003-11-21 04:36:37 ET

tchaikowsi's sleeping beauty ballet and nutcracker suite
i love music!!

2003-11-21 06:16:14 ET

great stuff.

2003-11-21 12:33:34 ET

i was just discussing that music last night.

2003-11-21 12:34:14 ET

really? awesome! which composer?

2003-11-21 12:35:41 ET

tchaikowsi's nutcracker. we talking about how the ballet was set before the music was composed

2003-11-21 12:35:59 ET

thats cool!

2003-11-22 08:14:23 ET


i think they are doing the nutcracker here. i dont know if its the ballet but i can check.

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