2003-11-21 12:33:55 ET

"the power of their source: the crystal"

o.k. oldskoolers, who knows where that quote is from?

2003-11-21 12:40:50 ET

dark crystal?

2003-11-21 12:42:32 ET

u rock!!! yes!!!

2003-11-21 12:48:23 ET


2003-11-21 13:18:17 ET

i knew it too. ;P

2003-11-21 14:12:46 ET

you didn't say anything

2003-11-21 14:46:56 ET

yes i did, i just now checked it and said something, silly.

2003-11-21 16:37:48 ET


2003-11-24 17:09:25 ET

and now, for the bonus question:

what was the name of the cute rolling furball?

2003-12-04 16:37:11 ET

(too easy!)

That's from my favorite movie of ALL TIME. I still want a Fizzgig. :D

2003-12-04 16:41:47 ET

lol Fizzgig is cute! everyone should have one as a pet.

2003-12-04 16:42:40 ET


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