2003-12-03 17:31:00 ET

I just got back from the the 1st Cav Band Christmas concert. We performed for members of our base's COSCOM (corps support command) I was told on numerous occasions that we sounded wonderful and were throughly enjoyed. We perform again next week (same show) for the Cavalry Division. It should go as well as tonight. Anyway, I am still sick *bleh* It got a little worse today. I'm going to go and take some medicine.

2003-12-03 17:35:00 ET

oooooo Cav. do they let you wear the Stetson ?

2003-12-04 04:06:29 ET

yes, we wear our stetsons with just about everything. A's, Blues, and B.D.U.s on ceremonies and parades

2003-12-04 17:11:13 ET

i'm sorry you're sick. feel better!


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