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2003-12-07 10:45:07 ET

woo hoo! Pete just bought a new suit (black). I'm excited! I'm going to wear it this evening.

2003-12-07 16:02:27 ET

i love a man in a tux.

damn pete you are just perfect huh?

2003-12-07 16:04:10 ET

lol hardly, sweets. i think someone would've snagged me by now

2003-12-07 18:07:08 ET

if only i was with you and single.

2003-12-07 19:42:48 ET

awwww Tabbers *blush* well, you ARE my sk wifey.

2003-12-07 19:43:51 ET

whats the new suit for pete??? if i may be nosi? :P

2003-12-07 19:46:10 ET

i have been kinda down, so i pampered myself and bought myself a new suit. i love it!

2003-12-07 19:52:54 ET

it makes me feel like i just have to say: "MR. ANDERSON!"

2003-12-07 20:01:10 ET

awesome! yea it makes sense to spoil oneself! hahaha alas a matrix fan ;) <3

2003-12-08 10:25:50 ET

fo sure.

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