2003-12-08 18:37:50 ET

wake up...the matrix has you

2003-12-08 18:39:26 ET

Dude, I think the matrix has me today as well. By the dong even. Where's the fuckin beer?

2003-12-08 18:40:38 ET

lol AAAhhhh!!! THATS what they changed... i came home, had dejavu and my fridge was void of alcohol!!!

2003-12-08 18:43:05 ET

Hm... I watched reloaded today.

2003-12-08 18:47:20 ET

rawk!!! genious, i tell you, pure genious

2003-12-08 18:49:13 ET

I lvoe the entire series.. and hell to go to peopel who dont.
THat's right!

2003-12-08 18:49:32 ET


2003-12-08 18:51:17 ET

Anyone will love the whole series if they have enough beer.

2003-12-08 18:51:53 ET

lol i want to be able to run up walls and flip while shooting and kicking people in the head too!

2003-12-08 19:13:01 ET

Anyone will love the series if they had more Carry-Anne Moss nekkid while running up walls and shooting.

2003-12-08 19:24:14 ET

beer...what is that :::looks around paranoid::: ;)

2003-12-09 16:01:57 ET

tonal, you mean you can't run up walls and flip while shooting and kicking people in the head?

2003-12-09 16:17:24 ET

i can run up walls, flip and kick people in the head, but i really need to incorproate shooting into the the whole mix.

2003-12-09 16:18:32 ET

and here I thought you were cool.

actually you still are, so yeah

2003-12-09 17:54:25 ET

you look so good.

2003-12-09 18:38:05 ET

aww, thanks wifey :)

2003-12-09 18:52:22 ET

welcoem hubby.

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