2003-12-09 15:50:21 ET

Vasa and I were in a loadex today moving stuff from 08:00 to 19:00! Yuk!!! We just got done! Now I am going for a run.

2003-12-09 15:56:25 ET

Haha, you guys had to move shit all day. I'm soooo glad my days of having to move endless amounts of shit are over.

I will never forget the burn in the arms after filling in on an alpha roster team on the connie. Dude, you have no idea how much shit people on a carrier eat until you stand in line for 8 hours without any breaks passing endless boxes of food on to the guy behind you.

2003-12-09 16:01:16 ET

hahaha! roger that! I understand where you are coming from. Ah the 'hey, you' roster. gotta love it *bleh*.

2003-12-09 16:02:47 ET

The only time those rosters were cool was when I was the one saying "hey you"

There is nothing in the world like volunteering all the assholes that fucked with ya through the week to relieve stress.

2003-12-09 16:16:45 ET

I completely agree!

2003-12-09 17:53:54 ET

busy busy busy.

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