even if you could hear me, would you listen?
2003-12-09 18:53:35 ET

did you ever think of me as your best friend?
do you ever think of me? i'm not complaining.
did i ever think of you as my enemy?
do you ever think of me? I am complaining.

2003-12-09 19:07:26 ET

Anyone tell ya that you look all MOD in your Avatar picture??

Its okay, I complain. Too much infact.

2003-12-09 19:09:43 ET

no noone has told me i look mod. thanks tho i was going for the assassin all in black thing, but i guess mod is cool too.

people need to complain, otherwise we'd bottle it up and i'm convinced it would kill us.

2003-12-09 19:10:35 ET

Yeah, it looks good though for sure.

True... complaining gets annoying though.

2003-12-09 19:11:57 ET

well, thank you!!!!! *blush*

it does, but its o.k. in small amounts tho. i guess i think of it more like venting at times.

2003-12-09 19:13:14 ET

No prob ;)

Most people think of it as complaining though and then you look like a whiner. Unless the people know you then its cool.

2003-12-09 19:16:17 ET

thats true...i guess there is a fine line.

you can vent if you need to tho, its all good :)

2003-12-09 19:20:32 ET

Eh, Ive been doin a lot of that lately but Im over it now :)

2003-12-09 19:22:41 ET

o.k. thats good to hear :)

2003-12-09 19:24:09 ET

Yep, sure is.

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