a little ouch from the swing era
2003-12-10 13:16:29 ET

Tommy Dorsey
- words and music by Ruth Lowe

I'll never smile again
Until I smile at you
I'll never laugh again
What good would it do?
For tears would fill my eyes
My heart would realize
That our romance is through

I'll never love again
I'm so in love with you
I'll never thrill again
To somebody new
Within my heart
I know I will never start
To smile again
Until I smile at you

2003-12-10 13:40:16 ET

i think all you 'cannaries' out there will like this one. you know who you are.

2003-12-10 14:27:33 ET

:::wipes away tears::: your trying to kill me aren't you??? ;) i downloaded that song...great now its gonna be stuck in my head....WOHOO! ;P laters daddi-0 <3

2003-12-10 14:41:58 ET

thats a nice song. not nice in a good way. nice as in i like the writing.

2003-12-10 18:41:11 ET

i memorized it and transcribed it out on my sax today. now i can play it too.

2003-12-10 18:46:22 ET

kool. i wanna hear!

2003-12-10 23:15:30 ET

:::gaps::: you can play that song??? wow now see add it to the list of songs...so far we have:
1)sentimental journey
2)come to me my melancholy baby
and now this one....yesssss! i got it good daddy!

2003-12-11 05:49:32 ET


2003-12-14 07:26:21 ET

that song gives me goosebumps. especially frank sinatra's voice. His period when he sang with dorsey is one of my favorites of his career. : )

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