2003-12-11 17:57:33 ET

just got back from a deployment briefing, no real information yet. i'll keep you all informed of specifics as they come in (address, etc.). as it looks now, i might not get to make contact with anyone for 1 to 2 months after we leave, email is the primary source of communication, and its not snail mail over there its sloth mail. 2 weeks for regular mail

2003-12-11 18:02:35 ET

you play saxophone? oo la la. me too. which one do you play?

2003-12-11 18:04:00 ET

cool!!!! i play alto primarily

2003-12-11 18:04:08 ET

where are you going to? Adam is in Baghdad right now. Or are you going to Kuwait or Aphganistan??

2003-12-11 18:05:13 ET

Baghdad airport/airfield. we are going to kuwait as a staging area i believe.

2003-12-11 18:13:27 ET

ah right on!! i'm a tenor gal myself, but i started out with alto back in the day :D

2003-12-11 18:15:08 ET

That was the longest and largest waste of time I have had to endure since the last safety brief.. the word for the day is "tactful insubordination"

oh yeah Amanda, tonal and I are in the same band..

2003-12-11 18:16:36 ET

oh seriously? that's incredible.

i miss playing in any form of a band. i'm getting my own sax at christmas, and i'm too excited.. now all i have to do is find some sort of ensemble to play it in. jazz, preferably.. but anything'll do.

2003-12-11 18:20:32 ET

Might I suggest buring your saxophone and playing percussion? It's never too late to correct the mistakes of the past :P

2003-12-11 18:22:23 ET

lol! the first instrument i ever played was actually the drums. so there. :)

2003-12-11 18:23:18 ET

what a mess of your life you have made... you could have been someone great but instead you waste away with a saxophone... too bad.. :(

2003-12-11 18:26:14 ET

SAX ... on the beach ;-)

2003-12-11 18:43:04 ET

*beh* don't talk trash about my saxophone without sax there would be no jazz

2003-12-11 18:45:04 ET

yeah and no SAX on the beach ;-)

2003-12-11 18:45:33 ET

lol very true

2003-12-11 18:45:47 ET

ya exactly, thanks tonal, we sax players have gotta stick together. :D

but hey vasa, i can still kick it with the percussion like no other. it's like riding a bike, you just never forget.

2003-12-11 18:47:45 ET

~declares jyhad on All Sax~

2003-12-12 00:22:11 ET

*hugs and smiles* feel better daddy :( <3 <3 <3

2003-12-12 07:11:51 ET

my hubby is leaving *wipes away a tear*

2003-12-12 12:38:47 ET

star: thanks lil cannary. ;)

wifey: I'll be back. You have my word.

2003-12-12 15:29:31 ET

yay! but you still hafta write to me.

2003-12-12 15:37:03 ET

i absolutely will. you can be sure of that. i might not get to make initial contact for 2 months after i leave, but just know that i WILL write. mail (sloth mail) takes roughly 2 weeks to get to and from there.

2003-12-12 15:37:47 ET

i getcha sweety.

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