leave approved
2003-12-12 14:40:21 ET

I just signed my leave form. woot. It will probably be the last time i get to go home for six months. If my mid tour leave is approved (while i'm in the combat zone) then i'll get to come home after six months. If not, one year. suk. I can't wait to get back to indiana where women like guys in uniform.

2003-12-12 14:48:32 ET

puhlease, ladies everywhere like men in uniform. 75% of the reason i talked to my boyfriend the first time i saw him was because i thought he WAS in the military. you know, short hair, nice jaw (don't ask what that has to do with anything), looks mean and is super-tough and built (though i later learned most guys only STAY built for like six months after basic, then they get a beer belly again).

there used to be this other guy on sk who was in the military, HOTTEST GUY EVER. i appreciated him for like, all he did for the country, but mostly because he looked good with his shirt off.

and there's this other guy in a bunch of my history courses who's enlisted and has to wear his fatigues or whatever if he has to go to work right after class and it's so hot. too bad i'm the exact opposite of the kind of girl most men in the military actually want, haha...except for my vast and obsessive knowledge of war history, of course.

but maybe it's just a personal fetish.

2003-12-12 14:51:12 ET

lol no i understand about the jawline, it comes with being in good shape. lol most do, but i don't let that happen. I keep myself in shape.

why do you say the 'exact opposite'? what is it that you think most military guys want?

2003-12-12 14:54:56 ET

i try really, since i'm in the band and get a lot of crap from the rest of the military, to do the best at everything i do. that way i can say, "well i can do YOUR job better than you, AND i have no gut, fatty!"

2003-12-12 15:10:22 ET

well. i only know a few kids my age who are in the military and they're my friends, so they don't count. the rest i know are my stepfather and his friends. i'm pretty damn liberal and am outspoken about it, and i have facial piercings. most of the guys *i* know prefer bush (though my stepfather abbhors him) and more, um, normal-looking girls. haha.

except when i was in marching band in high school and we'd go to west point, i'd get hit on non-stop. maybe the rebellious look was hot then, i don't know. haha.

i'm just a sucker for buzzcuts and muscles and discipline.

2003-12-12 15:19:44 ET

guys in uniform. oi vey. that's hott.

I used to HAAAAATE marines .. well now they just bother me, but that's cause practically every marine i've ever met was a dirty wanker.

in any event, i've thought men in uniform were hot ever since marching band.

as long as it's a uniform, and you're supposed to be insanely disciplined, then i'm all over that. (not that they'd go for me, so im' all over it from afar)

2003-12-12 15:23:29 ET

thanks oddgirlout! :) :)

brooklyn: in all actuality, i have IMMENSE respect for the rest of the army, because i can't do what they do. and without them, i wouldn't be able to do my job.

so, to all my brothers in arms...much respect goes out to you! Thank you for what you do!!

2003-12-12 15:26:17 ET

not a problem.

I live in a military town (army and marine bases within 20 miles of each other) so it makes for some good scenery pretty often.

2003-12-12 15:29:22 ET

lol i miss my marine corps buddies. i had the luxury of taking my advanced individual training with the marine corps and navy on a naval base. lol we all made some really good friends

2003-12-12 15:32:34 ET

We've go to meet up sometime before you leave. hahaha

2003-12-12 15:33:01 ET

that's hip.

that reminds me. I need to seriously strengthen my midsection if I'm going to be of any use to the army. my back is a bit on the weak side. egh. I'm really hoping this won't be a problem.

2003-12-12 15:38:46 ET

Jessi: that'd be great.

Oddgirly: nah, its not difficult to stengthen your abs.

2003-12-12 15:40:17 ET

yeah, i'm just lazy. haha. but no, i've wrenched the lower back a few times. not to mention the big ass backpack in high school, so i worry about it.

see, i'm not content to just look at the uniform. i wanna wear it too.

2003-12-12 15:40:38 ET

*tear tear tear* man i'm sad now.

2003-12-12 15:44:02 ET

oddchicky: that sounds painful. its cool that you are thinking about joining, it has its good sides. what mos are you looking into?

Tabby: it'll be o.k. i have to do my part, even though it might be small, i need to do it. and i'll be back as soon as i can be.

2003-12-12 15:45:03 ET

i know. but i just hope nothin bad happens to ya.

2003-12-12 15:47:13 ET

I'm not sure yet. i took the asvab again, and got a higher score so it opens up more jobs for me. I wanna do firefighting though. We'll see what else i qualify for this time around.

2003-12-12 15:48:56 ET

i'll be fine. we have been trained well and we won't be in too much danger compared to the whole situation. no bandsmen have been hurt thus far.

2003-12-12 15:49:24 ET


2003-12-12 15:56:19 ET

HEY HEY ladies ... BACK OFF! the guy in the uniform here.. is MINE. *shakes fist* >:(

2003-12-12 16:35:19 ET

um actually he's mine!

2003-12-12 16:40:14 ET

OHH NO YOU DIDNT Girlll... *snaps fingers*

2003-12-12 16:43:22 ET

uh yeah i did! *snaps fingers*

thats my baby's daddy!

2003-12-12 17:00:42 ET

look at pete starting fights between the sk girls again... *sigh* will he never learn?

better watch it ladies, cuz i will jump in this one! =)

2003-12-12 17:11:56 ET

what about me? no one ever fight over me... Pete does have very all-american features...

2003-12-12 17:13:27 ET

well i'm pete's SK wife. so i actually win anyways.

2003-12-12 17:14:17 ET

yes but I can make pete my "bitch" in real life and I invited him to be here so I win by default.. muhaha!

2003-12-12 17:15:19 ET

alright Vasa its not now!

2003-12-12 17:42:54 ET

ok, i'm sorry to bring this up, but just because you're the sk wife doesn't mean you automatically win... i'm the freakin' sk mistress, dammit, and i'll take on all y'all! =) and don't worry vasa, i'll share the love.

2003-12-12 17:52:35 ET

lol wow, Tabby, we have a baby? wow.

2003-12-12 18:00:49 ET


oh crap you weren't supposed to know yet!

2003-12-12 21:42:26 ET

wow pete...the river of women...see what i was telling you??? 'cannaries' everywhere!!! *wipes away tear* oh and congrats on your baby tabby and pete!!! give it a good sturdy name like....well i had a suggestion but it left my mind...i'll remember! <3

2003-12-13 05:36:59 ET


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