the fam.
2003-12-13 08:56:08 ET

Paery and i just had a baby!
'Baby Jah Love'

2003-12-13 08:59:02 ET

The Baby!!

2003-12-13 09:00:58 ET

hahaha, CONGRATS!!!!

2003-12-13 09:01:22 ET


2003-12-13 20:48:09 ET

uh... congrats... i wouldn't have tried to have an affair with you had i known you had a child on the way... sorry phaery. =)

2003-12-13 22:08:17 ET

Congrats on the new baby you guys!!! gotta looove the name though!!! hehehe <3

2003-12-13 22:11:32 ET

its koo.

a man in uniform is hard to ignore.

2003-12-15 18:14:49 ET

thats how i got tabby ;)
much love to ze bebe

2003-12-15 18:28:09 ET


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