2003-12-14 04:50:19 ET

Our boys caught Saddam!

props to members of operation iraqi freedom!

Turn on your television and see all the people dancing in the streets of Baghdad. One step closer to a good life for those people.

2003-12-14 06:43:59 ET


2003-12-14 07:47:02 ET

And here's to hopefully a safer life for you and Vasa when you go over there.

2003-12-14 07:50:29 ET


2003-12-14 08:48:47 ET

very true, i didn't think about that.

2003-12-14 08:50:18 ET

so now i'm watching the stuff about it.

OK who is up for a we caught Saddam party?!

2003-12-14 08:55:53 ET

my place. tonight 21:00 hours (9pm)

2003-12-14 08:57:35 ET

damn if only i had a way of getting there.

2003-12-14 09:05:09 ET

They got him they got him! yay, I woke up to that on the news this morning and I was like YES! :-D

2003-12-14 09:08:22 ET

maybe it will throw all the terrorist attacks over there into disarray?

2003-12-14 09:29:15 ET


2003-12-14 12:11:26 ET


2003-12-14 13:16:08 ET

Well, its either going to be a blow to the resistance or something that will fuel them. I'm hoping it will be a blow and things will start to simmer down.

I honestly do not think Saddam has had much to do with all the attacks we have been seeing. It seems to me that it's mostly small, unorganized actions from unorganized groups.

I do hope for the best though. I highly hope that the attacks drop off. I have already lost one of my best friends over there, I don't want to lose anymore of our girls and guys.

2003-12-14 14:02:32 ET

I don't think it was him.

2003-12-14 14:22:34 ET

that they caught?

2003-12-14 15:58:54 ET

they have dna evidence.

2003-12-14 16:09:01 ET

i dont' think that he has had a lot to do with the recent attacks either. but maybe it will send the terrorists a message. I'm truely sorry to hear about your friend. I hate hearing that someone else has lost their life.

2003-12-14 16:47:00 ET

Yeah. The real kicker is that he left a wife and three kids behind, the youngest of which he didn't even get a chance to meet. The wife is practically a basketcase at this point.

It's dealing with that kind of stuff that makes you think long and hard about if we are doing the right thing. And even in the face of our mutual loss, I still think we are doing the right thing over there.

2003-12-14 16:48:50 ET

my heart goes to his family.

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