p.o.d. : freedom fighters
2003-12-15 17:37:16 ET

we have the right to live in peace
but you must fight for what you keep
if what you keep holds truth inside
stand up defend don't lay down and die

2003-12-15 18:19:35 ET

i greatly enjoy the P.O.D. they're a great group. One of the few "new" bands i like.

2003-12-15 18:24:31 ET

me too! have you heard their new cd?

2003-12-15 18:36:56 ET

i liked southtown

satalite was a disapointment in my eyes, but their lyrics are fairly on target, and i respect that a lot.

2003-12-15 18:42:02 ET


southtown is a kool song.

2003-12-15 18:50:12 ET

no, not yet. have you?

2003-12-15 18:54:16 ET

yup, i bought it the other day. its more melodic than satellite. I really like it.

2003-12-15 18:56:56 ET

hm, i'll have to give it a listen. I had one of their cds, but it got stolen with the rest of my cds a while ago. can't remember the name of it though.

2003-12-15 19:01:37 ET

grrr. that sux. why do people do that? get your own.

2003-12-15 19:11:59 ET

I've come to the conclusion that it's because they're lame.

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