2003-12-16 15:22:51 ET

time to play the counting game! count the bullets, sucka duck!!!

2003-12-16 15:24:55 ET

Dogma-Jays Lines.

2003-12-16 15:25:57 ET

heck yeah! wow that was fast

2003-12-16 15:26:53 ET

Well im from New Jersey here Jay and Silent Bob are gods. and...Thats my favorite movie.

2003-12-16 15:31:38 ET

they are gods in ny, too.

2003-12-16 15:33:38 ET

The store closed down. I use to go there alot. trying to see if i'd be lucky to see them. but they were selling out in the back so it closed :(

2003-12-16 15:34:11 ET

that sucks. it would've been really cool to meet them.

2003-12-16 15:35:18 ET

i still have hopes. Red bank isnt to far from here. so i'll see them some day.

2003-12-16 15:37:53 ET

I think they're gods just about everywhere

2003-12-16 15:38:39 ET

they are. they really are.

2003-12-16 15:40:14 ET

I think you could've chosen a better Jersey Chronicles quote. Still a good one.

No offense, of course.

2003-12-16 15:41:14 ET

who said anything about Jersey. I just like those two.

2003-12-16 15:42:09 ET

I still want to marry brodie to this day.

2003-12-16 15:43:03 ET

Dogma is part of the Jersey Chronicles...


2003-12-16 15:43:10 ET

ahh Mallrats.one of the best of the View Askew films.

2003-12-16 15:43:33 ET

lol, his character is such a smartass, in a very 'matter of fact' sort of way. he's my favorite from those three movies

2003-12-16 15:43:41 ET

I'm quite partial to MallRats.

2003-12-16 15:46:36 ET

my friend and i did the superman coitus debates in the foodcourt scene for drama. that, and the black rage from chasing amy, and the scene from clerks where the lady is asking randall about whether or not any of these two movies was any good. ahh high school.

2003-12-16 15:47:03 ET

me too.

2003-12-16 15:54:10 ET

Well for me
Dogma is #1
Jay and Silent Bob strikeback
and Chasing Amy

Viva the View Askew Films!

2003-12-16 15:56:39 ET


jay and silent bob strike back
and chasing amy

2003-12-16 16:01:56 ET

hmmm...if we are ranking all those....
i'd have to say....
jay and silent bob
mall rats
chasing amy
and clerks

2003-12-16 23:56:29 ET

lol... ah, fond memories of dogma and a particular dorm room incident suddenly flood my mind...

2003-12-17 16:04:20 ET

i love silent bob.

2003-12-17 16:18:38 ET

I desperately want Silent Bob's coat.

They are selling it on the View Askew site...

but the pics of other people wearing the coat are really lame.
So maybe I don't want it.

2003-12-17 18:22:34 ET

my friend and i wanted to dress up as jay and silent bob for halloween. we never did.

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