stand by is en route
2003-12-17 17:05:01 ET

sweet relief.
i get my happy pills on 7 Jan. Thank God! because i need em ! I have realized that i have been depressed for about a year now. And , as i'm sure you have all noticed, my lows are getting lower. So, I got help. I've fought low seretonin my whole life. I'm going to get a grip on it now. and what better time than before i go overseas. I'm pretty sure that i'd be in huge trouble if i didn't get it taken care of before i left.

2003-12-17 18:21:56 ET

good. this is not a problem to solve via the tough-guy routine.

2003-12-17 18:35:29 ET

Glad youre finally gonna get to be a bit happier!

2003-12-17 22:17:13 ET

glad yer getting what you need.

2003-12-18 05:32:41 ET

Congratulations on getting mant don't.

2003-12-18 13:56:38 ET

I'm glad things are gonna start looking up <33

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