i'm back
2004-01-05 15:14:13 ET

we didn't do much at work today. we watched "aliens" in the break room...thats about it

2004-01-05 15:27:43 ET

yep...defintely sounds like a typical military day.........or at least one of mine.....

2004-01-05 15:40:23 ET

Hope your leave was good. And heres a late happy holidays to you.

2004-01-05 16:19:03 ET

Hi :) Nice t'see ya again!! Hope you had good holidays:)

2004-01-05 17:04:33 ET

happy pills in only 2 days!

2004-01-05 17:39:59 ET

I love that movie. I am glad we watched it. We also watched Blade 2 :D It was great!

2004-01-05 23:22:57 ET


2004-01-06 02:50:14 ET

*gives tonalwar a welcome back humping*

2004-01-06 04:15:16 ET

lol woohooo!!! well, i'd better leave and come back more often!!

2004-01-06 04:34:41 ET

starry: thank you, sugar!

2004-01-06 04:34:59 ET

epsilon: oh yeah, 1 day now

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