2004-01-06 08:48:41 ET

wow what a great day!
I just got 2 raises!!! Found out, i'm probably going to get promoted overseas also.
I'm working on a jazz/bebop chart right now. Its coming along pretty well. It an etude from the Neihaus book, but i really like this one.

2004-01-06 11:47:17 ET

Thats awesome! Congrats hun! <333 Too bad I dont even know what an etude is otherwise Id comment! lol

2004-01-06 12:42:15 ET

i'm so happy for you! i'm glad things in texas are looking up, but you're still missed horribly in IN.

2004-01-06 12:45:11 ET

great job man....what E are you now?

2004-01-06 13:30:42 ET

prettygirl: lol an etude just a short piece of music used to develope technical skills

Lilly: I miss everyone in Indiana too! I wish I was still there.

Youth: I'm an E4, hopefully i'll be an E5 soon.

2004-01-06 15:07:29 ET

jeez.....out ranked by everyone.....i feel small.....

2004-01-06 20:06:53 ET

welcom back darling.

congrats on the raise!

2004-01-07 01:43:01 ET

wohoo daddy got raises! ;P

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