2004-01-07 17:16:34 ET

so i have another ceremony in the morning sometime...when the rest of the world is asleep. i'm convinced that the army is run be incompetent morons!

why is it that the least intelligent people are the ones with power?

2004-01-07 17:18:37 ET

the reason why we have departure ceremonies at odd times is because the government has to co-ordinate with commerical airlines for use of their planes and pilots and for OPSEC. If you have large amounts of troops leaving all at the same time reguarly you are just asking for someone to attack you and that opens up the possibility to wipe out entire units of skilled troops.

2004-01-07 17:26:31 ET

*looks toa picture of bush*

i'm still not sure why.

2004-01-07 18:13:17 ET

come over to the marines....trust me....the army will look like a bunch of astro-physicists after one day over here

2004-01-07 22:11:01 ET

haha, we have worked with the Marines before. We go to school with Marines for 6 months in VA beach... rocks...alot of them... I prefer having my mind and personality intact thank you very much.

2004-01-08 04:54:18 ET

lol i understand, Youth. a lot of the marine musicians were really cool though. I have a lot of friends in the marine bands. but yes, most of the time, logic doesn't quite apply.

2004-01-08 04:55:21 ET

hey bro, are you a corpsman? just curious

2004-01-08 12:35:16 ET

nah.....i'm a an RP.....the little wierd guy that runs around with the chaplain......scary job...trust me

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