let tha bodies hit tha floor
2004-01-16 19:04:36 ET

we are leaving for the big sandbox soon. i still don't have an address, but as soon as i get it i will let everyone know. we start packing really soon

2004-01-16 19:07:34 ET

Hey Goodluck over there! My husband is coming back from there in about a week. Have fun and keep your head down!

2004-01-16 20:38:15 ET

i'll pm you my address so you can write to me.

2004-01-17 00:29:52 ET

God bless, stay safe, & focused.

2004-01-17 07:56:15 ET

Stay alive. I shall miss your frequent postings.

2004-01-17 16:53:25 ET


2004-02-02 08:55:46 ET

baby wipes are your best friend... haha..

2004-02-03 16:13:17 ET


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