much love
2004-01-19 19:09:31 ET

I was thinking of you all tonight, I just wanted you all to know that. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS!

2004-01-19 19:11:49 ET

Love you too hun!!!! <333

2004-01-19 19:25:09 ET

*sends love*

-God bless.

2004-01-19 19:40:49 ET

*lovelovelove* ^^

2004-01-19 20:21:24 ET

we all love you too

2004-01-20 06:29:11 ET

i love you too.

2004-01-20 06:40:32 ET

I saw some thing on the news the other day about some pople fro Ft. hood leaving some time soon, and doing all that training. You're leaving too? :(


2004-01-21 04:25:26 ET

*hugs and kisses daddy* doon't leave DON'T!!! phone call later!! <3

2004-01-21 08:07:18 ET

love you too sweets.

2004-01-24 02:00:54 ET

Be well and be Blessed!

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