2004-01-27 08:09:34 ET

wow, this past weekend was awesome!!! We had a lot of fun! Martin (last name) is an awesome host. We had so much liquor I think I died! woot woot in other news, no new info. about an address for the desert yet.

2004-01-27 08:21:06 ET

hahahaha i know who you are and you don't know me

2004-01-27 08:22:13 ET

*shakes a fist at senor pepe*

You better be here this weekend. Tang will NOT be a good excuse.

2004-01-27 08:32:34 ET

lmao .... yeah it was kinda funny that he never showed up the other night. =D

2004-01-27 13:59:56 ET

Yeeeaaahh!!! Thats the way to do it! Drink till you THINK you DIE

2004-01-27 16:24:34 ET

t dog, i'm really really sorry! we are putting together a superbowl bash this weekend. so you are coming.

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