kill destroy terminate
2004-02-03 16:15:01 ET

lots and lots of late nights. tryin to keep my head above water.
the new pills are GREAT! work like a damn charm!
just packed up my personal box and a duffle. gotsta buy a firewire card for my ipod now so i can have some tunes in the desert.

2004-02-03 20:40:41 ET

OY! Good luck out there man. Take care of yourself. For real.

2004-02-03 22:15:47 ET

*hug* write to me!!

2004-02-03 22:24:00 ET

Lots-a-love!!! Gotta have the tunes

2004-02-04 18:16:37 ET

pills? did I miss something?

Yay for tunes!

2004-02-08 12:30:06 ET

An even keel is very much a blessing. ;)

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