down to the wire
2004-02-10 11:27:31 ET

ship-off day is coming very soon. We still don't have our address for where we'll be overseas yet. We may not get it until we get over there. Then, we might not get to initiate contact for about a month. Will everyone who wants me to write to them please put your address on this post? much love- Pete

2004-02-10 11:39:09 ET

well that sucks that you don't have an address yet. I imagine that letters from home while you're away will really help you a great deal. I hope they give you one before you go.

2004-02-10 11:45:05 ET

i want a letter! pming you now w/ the addy. :)

2004-02-11 03:03:19 ET

Will they not forward letter to your unit?

2004-02-11 10:16:52 ET

you better write me, even though you obviously don't love me enough to call. =(

2004-02-17 16:20:06 ET

no, they won't forward the letter. it has to have my apo address on it. and we won't know that possibly till after we leave. suk

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