clack, clack, BOOM
2004-02-17 19:31:40 ET

Grenade launcher range tomorrow. hell yeah

2004-02-17 19:40:47 ET

oooo how exciting!

2004-02-17 20:03:52 ET

Wow...I think you're disgusting.

2004-02-17 21:04:56 ET

Go get some terrorist preschoolers for me.

2004-02-18 02:40:55 ET

good thing i don't live my life to please you, funk.

2004-02-18 07:53:10 ET


2004-02-18 16:10:02 ET

funk, sleep well knowing that the freedom you have to trash soldiers is because of ME

2004-02-18 16:10:57 ET

SPC Miller now obtains the title of Grenadier first class

2004-02-18 16:16:51 ET

*gold star* :-D Good job!

2004-02-18 16:23:37 ET

lol thanks prettygirl

2004-02-18 16:26:22 ET

Anytime, love.

2004-02-18 16:27:19 ET

I think the idea behind her name is that she ISN'T a pretty girl.
And I sleep well able to say what I want because of a feeble attempt to maintain our constitution.
In addition to which, who have you had to kill to protect my my rights? You can sleep well knowing that my tax money is what let's you practice shooting something that you'll probably never going to fire in combat. If you ever see combat.

2004-02-18 17:49:06 ET

can you do what i do? didn't think so.

2004-02-18 17:49:45 ET

besides, i was talking to defunkt or whatever the hell his name is, you ungreatful little shit.
and another thing, you ignorant little fuck, don't EVER come onto MY page again and put down my brothers in arm's sacrifices for this country! We do what we do so that smartassed, know-it-all, little dipshit hippies like you can have a government to talk trash about!!! STAY THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE.

2004-02-18 17:55:00 ET

Is what you do called for?
Then I suppose my ignorance in that area is completely justified. Ungreatful? Do they bother educating you guys before they send you off to die?

2004-02-18 18:12:49 ET

Launch one for me tonal. I wish I knew how to launch a grenade but, being as spastic as I am, I'd probably blow my own hand off.

anagnorisis: You're not required to post on everyone's page. As they say, "if you don't have anything nice to say..."

Everyone on this site has different views and that's what makes it interesting, but that doesn't mean that we need to put others down in their journals. Write your opposing views in your own journal. We like our site relatively peaceful

2004-02-18 18:13:50 ET

look bro, the bottom line is, regardless of the government's motives, its not for the soldier to decide. Whether we agree or disagree doesn't matter. We just do our jobs. And I'd die to protect you.

2004-02-18 18:15:39 ET

thanks Feffie. and yes, I will definately put your name on one of my grenades ;)

2004-02-18 18:18:40 ET

*beaming smile*

2004-02-18 18:47:15 ET

Sorry, I don't mean to be cold.. look at my first post. It's rather endearing, really.
And I know something soldiering, so I think I know the position your in. To misquote a great philosopher "I disagree with what your saying, but I'd fight to death to make sure you can say it"

2004-02-18 18:49:21 ET

Some of us are greatful for what you and others do tonal. You have my respect

now for some hippy stomping

2004-02-18 18:51:13 ET

Whoa, I'm the guy who set my dad's windshield-spray thing to the side so that we could soak protesters.

2004-02-18 18:52:34 ET

i'm sorry too, bro. I understand. I respect your views, I don't know what to think about the current situation. All i know is what they tell us. We got equal doses from both persectives. Please accept my appology for getting angry. A person's ability to disagree with anything that our government does is why i do this job. so that they can have the ability to do so if they wish. I keep having to remind myself of that.

2004-02-18 19:18:02 ET

*And all is happy on SK again*

2004-02-18 19:41:33 ET

This place makes me wonder why I ever had LJ.
And then I remember that I didn't.

2004-02-18 19:44:49 ET

Im starting to like LJ better than SK..... the people here are... err,.... Ill shut up now.

2004-02-18 19:47:40 ET

If you like LJ more, than that's where you belong.
This suits me more. A great deal more.
Probably because I don't listen to The Used and cry myself softly to sleep because my mother doesn't want me wearing an anarchy wrist band.

2004-02-18 19:53:46 ET

I like LJ more because only my friends know my name on there.
I do like it here, I like it a lot - just not some of the people on it.

2004-02-18 19:55:47 ET

And of course you like everyone on Livejournal.

2004-02-18 19:57:17 ET

Yes, because theyre my friends.

2004-02-18 20:00:25 ET

All of them?

2004-02-18 20:04:25 ET

The only people I talk to on LJ are my friends, so yeah all of them.

2004-02-19 02:27:09 ET

good lord, people! i spend ONE evening doing homework and at the gym and i miss the fight of the century.

pete, i'm glad you do what you do. i know i haven't told you that recently (and that would be because we haven't talked recently cuz you fell off the planet...), but i want you to know it. i hope you have fun today playing with your toys (even though the thought scares the hell out of me). be careful and don't blow off anything vital. ;)

2004-02-19 08:13:15 ET

thank you pete for putting yourself out there for us.

2004-02-19 12:44:40 ET

welcome sweets :)

2004-02-19 16:57:46 ET

I am greatful and proud of all our servicemen and women, Thank you tonal!

2004-02-19 16:58:44 ET

Also the grenade thing sounds like fun.

2004-02-19 17:00:45 ET

thank YOU! thank you for supporting me

2004-02-19 17:01:07 ET

We <3 Pete, yes we do.

2004-02-19 17:04:19 ET

aww. and pete loves you too.

2004-02-19 17:11:15 ET

Good :)

2004-02-19 18:10:20 ET

Yes, even as a fairly liberal individual, I still love the men and women of the service, and I'm very proud of their commitment.

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