full metal jacket
2004-02-19 17:06:09 ET

shot my M16 today. twas a lot of fun! its been a pretty good week, i got to shoot my rifle AND my grenade launcher all in one week, and the weather was favorable for it also! Hooah.

2004-02-19 17:09:28 ET

very nice.

the gunsmith at work shot my rifle and got tons of backspray from the ballistics chamber and came out coughing, then he yelled really loud, laughed and said "damn, i NEED one of these!!"

2004-02-19 17:10:32 ET

LOL!! Rock on.

2004-02-19 17:12:31 ET

so i'm guessing you are a squadleader ?

or is that just in the marines where they get the m203.

2004-02-19 17:13:30 ET

yeah, the marines are organized like that. I was just designated as my squad's 203 gunner, because i told my squad leader that i wanted that position.

2004-02-19 17:18:56 ET

very nice.

i've heard a lot of conflicting claims (mostly due to gamers thinking they know what they are talking about)as to the effective range of the 37mm grenades. do you happen to know off hand ?

2004-02-19 17:25:28 ET

i don't know that we have any 37mm grenades. here are the specs of a 40 mm. grenade tho:
caliber: 40mm
weight: 8 ounces
max effective range (point target): 150 meters
max effective range (area target): 350 meters
max range: 400 meters
rate of fire: 5 to 7 rounds per minute
minimum combat load (U.S. Army): 36 High explosive rounds

2004-02-19 17:29:46 ET


i said 37 !! haha, i was thinking about the flare launchers that look like 203s.

thanks, those guys were WAY off.

btw, does your toy say MATELL on the furniture ?

2004-02-19 17:32:40 ET

lol yes, on the buttstock

2004-02-19 17:36:19 ET

haha, that's great.

how old is your rifle ? i thought they stopped doing that in the late 80s.

2004-02-19 17:36:48 ET

lol no i was kidding. my rifle is brand new

2004-02-19 17:38:45 ET

oh, ok.

have they told you guys when you start incorporating the xm-8s ??

2004-02-19 17:39:54 ET

i like your suit picture!

2004-02-19 17:40:10 ET

dunno, infantry will probably get them first. probably in about 5 or 6 years

2004-02-19 17:53:03 ET

Kreg, why don't you join the Army yourself?

2004-02-19 17:57:35 ET

i've thought about it often, but i can't bring myself to sign my life over. and i have an issue with certain aspects of military life, mostly because i fear immunizations.

2004-02-19 19:38:57 ET

thank you, twilight! :)

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