set it off
2004-02-24 13:09:43 ET

Passion of the Christ comes out tomorrow! I'm very excited! I bought the soundtrack today, its really really good! Very well orchestrated. Cultural overtones from the vocals are very eerie.

2004-02-24 13:31:42 ET

i really want to see it, just not in the theatre.
i'm a very sensitive guy, ESPECIALLY about that subject.
i would end up making weird noises and falling on the ground disrupting everyone else's movie expirience.

2004-02-24 13:35:34 ET

i suggested to my philosophy class that we go see it. I hope we do.

2004-02-24 13:57:21 ET

I"m going to see it on friday. o0o0o0o can you go to temple?

2004-02-24 15:22:01 ET

i could, yes

2004-02-24 15:34:04 ET

Do you have satillite?
There's going to be a thing on the making of Passion of The Christ at 8.

2004-02-24 15:37:43 ET

sweet!!!! no, alas, i don't have satellite

2004-02-24 15:38:40 ET

well maybe you have the channel. It's on PAX.

2004-02-24 15:39:02 ET

and i'll let you know later if I do go to temple. I'm not sure if i'm going to temple, or Austin.

2004-02-24 15:43:33 ET

k, Jessi :)

2004-02-25 13:31:27 ET

looks like i'm seeing it for school. woo! its gonna be really interesting.

2004-02-25 13:33:56 ET

cool cool!!!

2004-02-25 13:34:07 ET


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