2004-08-12 09:56:56 ET

didn't get to run today, so i threw on my flak vest, a rucksack with weight in it, my weapon, and 'humped' over to the internet cafe. hopefully it spiked my heartrate enough. i'm planning on taking the long way back

2004-08-12 10:02:49 ET

why didn't you get to run?

2004-08-12 10:09:33 ET

it got dark too quickly
no lights out here

2004-08-12 10:15:35 ET

ah. and running blinly throught the night isn't fun for you? hehehe

2004-08-12 10:25:16 ET

not really, too much C wire

2004-08-12 11:11:22 ET

C wire? is that like razor wire?

2004-08-12 21:00:48 ET

concertina wire. its like razor wire, only the razors are a little smaller so you can move it around easier. its not meant to be a permenant structure

2004-08-13 05:44:24 ET

ahhh ok

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