2004-08-12 21:19:02 ET

new pix up...
yall got nothin!

2004-08-12 21:22:33 ET

those remind me of my bro's pics of kuwait.

2004-08-12 21:25:41 ET


2004-08-12 21:25:43 ET

where is he?

2004-08-12 21:29:34 ET

thanks feffie

2004-08-12 21:34:23 ET

my bro? he moved around to different bases a lot. he was there for like 11 months, and I don't even remember the names of where exactly he was.

2004-08-12 21:39:48 ET

No thank you ;P

2004-08-12 21:46:17 ET

lol ain't no thang. i'm working on them. hopefully the body will be completely sculpted soon

2004-08-12 21:56:47 ET

Sculpted... I like that word lol its Hawt hawt hawt *kisskiss*

2004-08-13 14:50:55 ET

you are all buff and tuff

2004-08-13 18:33:16 ET

*faints fromy our hottness*

2004-08-14 00:38:48 ET

I super mucho like your avatar pic.... jaw bones are sex.

2004-08-14 01:21:22 ET

if you ladies say so. much love!

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