i miss
2004-08-18 04:56:44 ET

the way a woman caresses my cheek
the way she looks into my eyes
the way she squeals when I get off the plane
the way she calls me 'her baby'
the way she holds onto me as if she were going to lose me to the wind

i haven't felt these things in such a long time

2004-08-18 05:01:42 ET

You kinda remind me of a friend of mine. Shawn Momonee. (Not sure what unit he's with so don't ask) He's over there right now I think. My minds abit hazy from lack of sleep. How long since you've had time to see friends or family?

2004-08-18 05:02:36 ET

about half a year

2004-08-18 05:04:43 ET

dang sorry to hear that man. when do you think they'll let you come home for awhile? I know afew of the guys from tennessee came back for about 3 days at the most. Is it real bad over there? I mean I see it on tv but that's all cut and edited for national.

2004-08-18 05:08:55 ET

i really have no idea as of now. yes, its still pretty bad. they don't really let up.

2004-08-18 05:12:53 ET

dang. The way they've been making it sound on the radio and tv things were starting to get better. Well not that I believe any of the crap they say. Well I'm hopeing you get some time to come back. I dont pray or anything but I'll have my friends pray for me for your safe return.

2004-08-18 05:16:48 ET

thank you very much for your support, it really means a lot!

2004-08-18 05:17:56 ET

Yeah. I figured it would. Just try and look at the things you'll be coming home too. That seems to make every stupid and bad thing seem like a bad nightmare you're waking up from.

2004-08-19 02:22:05 ET

there isn't a lot in the states for me anyway i guess. not much to come home to. an empty apt.

2004-08-19 04:12:26 ET

ah that's no good. Well what about family?

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