what the fuck ever
2004-08-19 02:12:52 ET

another day. same ol stupid shit. same stupid fucking people.
this life is a real piece of shit.

2004-08-19 03:19:39 ET

I've never commented on your page before, but I wanted to say that, being that you are on sk.net, there are at least a hundred people reading what you have to say. If you want to vent beyond that, go for it. We are a support system and ready to support :)

2004-08-19 21:25:03 ET

i don't understand what you mean.

2004-08-20 03:45:05 ET

All I ment was, you were essentially saying 'fuck all' and, you know, we're here to listen. I don't know...when someone here on sk leaves posts like yours above, I feel like I want to say something attempting to be supportive. Sorry; I guess the lame work enviornment I am embroiled in causes softness to the ol brain.

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