2004-08-19 02:27:48 ET

ladies, why do you have to lie to me? what exactly do you get out of it? Did I wrong you in another life or something?

2004-08-19 02:36:16 ET


2004-08-19 03:01:42 ET

well ... did you lie to her?

I can't speak for all women ... but I don't lie.

2004-08-19 08:27:31 ET

You didnt take me camping, duh.

Want me to hurt her, love?? You know itd be hot.

2004-08-19 14:33:49 ET

I don't lie to you.

2004-08-19 20:30:50 ET

it isn't necessarily you girls

just ladies in general...lying to me, not telling me the whole truth which might as well be a lie, empty 'sweettalk'...

i've just been getting manipulated lately because they know i won't hurt them
to what point or purpose i have no idea

siren, no i don't lie to women, and there is no 'her'

2004-08-19 23:33:56 ET

Try men... no Im jk lol I dunno why I said that O.o

Hey Ill clone myself. Then you can keep me forever cause, well.. I dont lie.

2004-08-20 02:09:01 ET

ah ... it's a just in general thing. Well ... i think that's people in general. they will lie and manipulate to get what they want.

2004-08-20 14:25:25 ET

uhhhh i dotn think i could keep anything from a person i love.

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