just great
2004-08-21 08:30:35 ET

so, i guess iraq won another soccer game, because the idiots are outside shooting rounds up into the air! someone should really educate these morons on the laws of gravity. i don't know where the hell they think the rounds go

2004-08-21 08:54:08 ET

They prolly think they're gonna come down on the "bad" people

2004-08-21 08:55:59 ET

good point, culture is one thing but physics is another!

2004-08-21 14:27:56 ET

Lol oh goodness. Go educate them!

2004-08-21 16:59:06 ET

where do they go?

2004-08-21 22:37:12 ET

more power to them...they could use some friggin pride

2004-08-21 23:35:42 ET

no, you don't get it. the rounds come back down onto our camp! they are morons for shooting blindly into the air

2004-08-22 06:57:52 ET

hopefully they'll find a new way to celebrate

2004-08-22 14:26:50 ET

oh. dummies.

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