to my sk ladies...
2004-08-26 10:16:01 ET


just felt the need to to that. much love

2004-08-26 10:19:06 ET

I'll just take one Brotherly O if thats alright with you =P

2004-08-26 10:19:31 ET

right on

2004-08-26 10:55:49 ET

Loooveee!!!!! *muah*

2004-08-26 10:59:25 ET

*warm fuzzy* :)

2004-08-26 11:05:18 ET

you ladies treat me better than any of the other girls i know. props

2004-08-26 12:22:54 ET

thats cause you deserve to be treated well pete!!!

2004-08-26 13:56:19 ET

back at ya sweets. :)

2004-08-26 17:48:55 ET

aww you are too sweet and need to be treatedwell !! much love

2004-08-26 18:19:40 ET

... wouldnt that be scary if you woke up when we were camping and there was some warm fuzzy in your tent!?!?! .... I would die... but then you could kill it or something since ur such a badass.

2004-08-30 13:03:14 ET


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