a 'starryeyed' tonalwar
2004-09-07 00:27:01 ET

talked to my little Cannary last night! Wow, it was wonderful to hear her voice! *swoons*
I can't wait to see her!!!!

2004-09-07 00:28:37 ET

yea if i remember right she does have a cute voice... i'm pretty sure she is who i'm thinkin' of... i've only heard her like once though... haha

are y'all meetin' up soon??

2004-09-07 00:31:45 ET

as soon as i get home. I think she is planning on meeting me at the airfield when I fly back. :)

2004-09-07 00:38:13 ET

sweet... when do you come back (well there)... haha i live far away from y'all

2004-09-07 00:43:12 ET

i have leave in october and i think we are slotted for an early return in january

2004-09-07 00:45:26 ET

that's cool

2004-09-07 02:25:01 ET

Pete-I am so happy! Now you got you a good little woman to meet and be super appreciated by!

2004-09-07 07:29:12 ET

thanks Court!! :)
she IS just about the bestest thing since sliced bread. :)

2004-09-07 07:53:19 ET

*dies blushing* oh wow.....peter your too much baby!!!


2004-09-07 08:05:47 ET


2004-09-07 13:26:53 ET

Oh vomit pete. but then again, i guess this is better than your christian speals. teehee...

so I guess this means I need to add another name to the guest list for you guyses "welcome home bash" ? :-D

2004-09-07 14:30:47 ET

Glad youre on a happier note lately :) <333

... Im still not used to the page change :-/ ;)

2004-09-08 08:37:20 ET

tina: yup yup, add the name :)

prettygirl: thanks :)

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