2004-09-08 08:58:49 ET

wow i recieved a lot of bad news today. my grandmother isn't doing too well. my father had an accident the otherday and hurt his foot. my car got curbed. and now the computer is acting up and i can't chat :(

2004-09-08 10:31:12 ET

that is bad news :(

2004-09-08 11:51:36 ET

Wow, I hope your grandmother gets better soon and wish your dad a quick recovery. *hugs & wishes*
What do you mean when you say your car got curbed? If I knew what that meant, I'd tell your car to get straightened. ^__^

2004-09-09 00:49:44 ET

my dad ran my car up over a curb and fucked the rocker panel. He's going to pay to have it fixed though.

2004-09-09 06:26:37 ET

Wow, I thought you meant someone drove by and dinged it against the curb, lol. Well, I hope you get some better news this week.

2004-09-10 07:56:36 ET

hehe He's gonna pay *slams down fist*

2004-09-10 22:07:41 ET


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