2004-09-09 01:43:21 ET

gah!!! I'm STILL tired from duty.

2004-09-09 01:55:55 ET

what was your duty? (well unless it is classified)

2004-09-09 04:18:21 ET

how bout a back rub hun???

2004-09-09 09:57:33 ET

cannary: mmmmm yes, baby

2004-09-10 08:17:20 ET

i knew it! you both are whores!!

2004-09-10 09:00:35 ET

*Falls out of chair laughing* hahaha your so great ms. tabby!!!

2004-09-10 09:07:13 ET

okay your not a whore. but pete is! *cries*

2004-09-10 09:23:23 ET

*holds you* i'm so sorry!!!!

2004-09-10 09:26:41 ET

thats it pete its over you can stick with your cannery!! but i get custody of the kid!

(hehe i love drama)

2004-09-10 10:10:46 ET

wait let me get this straight... he was cheating on me with tabby... he has a kid by yet another person other then me... and now he's dumpin' both of us for a cannary....

i thought we had somethin' special!!

2004-09-10 22:14:36 ET

tabbers: :( aww don't be mad and don't take out bebe from me. :) you are still my sk wifey :)
lol love drama lol hehe haha

2004-09-10 22:15:21 ET

wow, you all are great!!! lol i was having a blah day until i read this post.

2004-09-10 22:16:25 ET

Gabe: sorry bro, my lil cannary officially has the title "the girl" :)

2004-09-10 22:30:44 ET

:::tear...::: but i wanted to be 'the girl'... i'm all hurt...
i can change!!!

2004-09-11 08:19:48 ET

ms. tabby: yea don't keep pete from his duties as a father.....

and gabe: *shakes head* you lose i win! :P

pete: *muah*

2004-09-11 14:45:58 ET

yeah but he has to like love honor and obey and he didnt do none of that.

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