i came to kick ass and chew bubble gum...
2004-09-11 10:39:35 ET

and i'm all out of bubble gum...

so, the gym rocked this evening. i did my 30 min cardio on the elip. then I practiced some kicks in the aerobics room. 'waaaaattahhhh!'

2004-09-11 15:00:42 ET

haha. yay! man i need to like stop being lazy.

2004-09-11 17:07:23 ET

do you want me to send you some more hun????

2004-09-11 18:56:02 ET

Petes a badddaasssssssssss, what-what.

2004-09-11 21:54:41 ET

Cannary: lol sure, baby, if you want.

2004-09-11 21:54:55 ET

Dora: haha. thanks :) :)
dons His armor and grabs Broadsword

2004-09-11 23:10:39 ET

OOOOOO!!..... AHHHHHH!! <3333

2004-09-12 06:34:02 ET

i'm not dead, and neither are you.

this is a good thing.

i'm still trying to find some decent supplies to send. believe it or not colorado has less weirdo gun shop fringe groups than michigan.

2004-09-12 16:55:30 ET

Haha no way, go up north, I swear we got em all over.

2004-09-12 18:10:51 ET


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