2004-09-12 21:20:00 ET

talked to the girl last night...mmmmmmm


2004-09-13 00:05:35 ET

*dances* I talked to my boy last night too.... yay for us and our man and woman

2004-09-13 03:37:11 ET

:::sighs:::... yea he still hasn't called me... :::arms crossed:::

:-P... that's cool that you have someone... i hope it really works out between the two of you \m/ much respect

2004-09-14 00:17:35 ET

thanks! me too

2004-09-14 00:17:51 ET

Dora: haha yah INDEED!

2004-09-14 01:04:18 ET

how bout a kiss for the road? :::puckers up::: :-* just one :::blinks:::

2004-09-14 17:41:46 ET

*melts* like always someone had to come scrape me off the ground...i was reduced to a puddle!!! hehehe!

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