2004-09-14 09:40:12 ET

i feel like breaking some bones. or blowing something up

2004-09-14 09:43:30 ET

*gives you a dynamite tipped sledgehammer*

Knock yourself out killa

2004-09-14 09:43:58 ET

when i feel heavy metal...WOOOOO HOO

2004-09-14 09:49:53 ET

hahaha hells yeah

2004-09-14 09:53:16 ET

*lobs grenade* "BLOOD!!!!!!!!!"

2004-09-14 09:54:48 ET

*ducks behind cover* Not so close! HAHAHAHHA

*grabs a satchel and looks for something big*

2004-09-14 09:55:26 ET

*grabs an iraqi by the neck and pulls his spine out* GRRAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2004-09-14 09:56:53 ET

.... enjoying the news lately are we?
*places satchel near an abandoned building and runs away*

2004-09-14 10:00:14 ET

*cheers* FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

oh yeah, definately. i'd kill for some sweet revenge

2004-09-14 17:44:13 ET

*shakes head* oh boys...settle down!!!

2004-09-15 07:28:57 ET



2004-09-15 20:55:13 ET

Starry: woops, sorry sweetie

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