make the call
2004-09-24 22:39:50 ET

I really need to get to a phone .
I'm sure Sandy is pissed by now :(

2004-09-25 04:00:40 ET

i don't think she would be... unless you did somethin' for her not to be... besides bein' too busy to call... O_o :::moves interigation light in direction::: you know you want to tell us what happened son... we don't wanna have to take this further then we have 2... :::bad cop paces in background lettin' off steam:::

2004-09-25 04:46:38 ET

Hey, glad to see you back here after a few days. Good to know you're still alright.

2004-09-25 10:03:10 ET

okay....number one you have duties that you must perform and number two i am sooo NOT pissed cause you haven't done anything intentional to me baby! its okay! i promise!....its okay!

<3 ya bunches and like Falkirk over there said...its good to know your still alright!!!

<333 sandy

2004-09-26 02:48:40 ET

Gabe: lol! you kill me bro

Falkirk: i'm good, just been extremely busy with K-Lor i'm glad that you got the Army situation worked out! so you got the mos you wanted?

sugar: not mad, good :) its been absolutely crazy here

2004-09-26 04:34:48 ET

i guess i just have too much free time on my hands haha :-)

2004-09-26 14:08:46 ET

Yep, Pete, got my MOS.
I'm pretty excited about it.
9 Weeks at Jackson and then 19 weeks in AZ for my AIT.

2004-09-26 21:20:37 ET

awesome bro! good to hear!

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