YES!!!! MOVE OUT!!!!
2004-09-26 02:58:20 ET

i'm going home on october 1st!!! I'M SO EXCITED I COULD BURST!!! I get promoted also! its a good day. !!! i might not be on quite as often but i will talk to all of you soon!

2004-09-26 04:54:47 ET

wow that's soon :-) hope y'all have fun while you are both at home...

and when y'all ya know hug and kiss and what not... just save a spot for me in the back of your mind... ;-)
haha i need to stop messin' with ya... i'm really glad that you get to take it easy for a bit \m/

2004-09-26 05:30:21 ET

so... R&R or home for good? All of yous? wonderful. :-D We're not partying until the man gets home, so you will have to wait another month or so.

2004-09-26 06:20:15 ET

i hope your family in Indy enjoys you as much as you should be enjoyed...wait....did that sound wrong??? 0_o sorry! ;P

2004-09-26 06:34:37 ET

wooo... hahaha... yea that sounded quite awful... i hope they don't enjoy you quite 'that much'... but that you do have a good time haha :-)

2004-09-26 07:52:07 ET

Glad to hear it!

2004-09-26 11:13:33 ET


2004-09-26 21:32:05 ET

Gabe: thanks bro

Tina: no not for good, just for leave we ARE ,however, coming back way earlier than expected

Pink: indeed :)

2004-09-26 21:34:26 ET

no problem mon :::says with heavy jamaican accent:::

2004-09-26 21:35:28 ET

lol "boyEEE'"

2004-09-26 21:37:02 ET

ya heer me righ mon, positively be righ from da hart

2004-09-27 04:43:03 ET

thats what I had heard.. I was thinking that your time slot was way earlier and made more sense to be coming home for R&R then. I think Keith will be home a few weeks before you or right around the time you will be from what Vasa told me.

Still- I wouldnt be complaining. Have a fun R&R!

2004-09-27 17:55:17 ET

Awesome news!
Im gonna be in IN the second week of Oct. We have to do something if youre still around <333

2004-09-28 00:09:09 ET

wow, that'd be awesome Dora!!

2004-09-28 11:54:31 ET

Heck yeah it would be- CAMPING!! lol

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