2004-09-26 21:29:43 ET

I'm so excited! We are playing for a bunch of marines and soldiers today. They don't have an MWR and they don't have very much to do. They have already told us about a million times how anxious they are to hear us play. I can't wait. I hope they have a huge party and have a lot of fun! Its a great feeling to know that you've touched someone just by doing what you love to do.

2004-09-26 21:32:14 ET

that's pretty awesome \m/
sounds like it'll be fun...

2004-09-26 21:33:16 ET

i hope so. these guys really need it out here. there's NOTHING here.

2004-09-26 21:34:08 ET

wow, some mortars just landed here. EXTREEEEEEEEMLY CLOSE

2004-09-26 21:35:08 ET

what are mortars? O_o
that doesn't sound good

2004-09-26 21:36:17 ET

miniature artillary
like 88's shells

2004-09-26 21:36:57 ET

its essentially a tube that they drop the shell in and it self propells like an artillary round. indirect fire (in an arc)

2004-09-26 21:38:21 ET

wooo... you be safe man... that sounds dangerous O_o tis quite scary to imagine that you are that close to all that

2004-09-26 21:41:27 ET

explosives are a favorite of the panzy assed insurgents because in a force on force war, we'd blow them the hell away!

2004-09-26 21:42:24 ET

to put it quite frankly: "pussies" .... sorry there is no better word that describes them that has the impact :)

2004-09-26 21:43:24 ET

and when a bandsman calls you that, there is something seriously wrong with a person lol

2004-09-26 21:45:32 ET

hahahahaha... that's funny \m/
'sir the saxophone player just called you a pussy... i think he's right'

2004-09-27 06:15:23 ET

I had to put my foot up someone’s ass down at MEPS the other day for talking shit about the band. I told him about you. That everyday you're in danger, that everyday you do your duty and not only that, the moral and joy you bring to the other soldiers is an invaluable thing.
I told him that you're a soldier first. He shut the hell up, thought about it and apologised.
Keep going Pete.

2004-09-27 06:30:07 ET

Whats an MWR?

Erghhh more mortars. at least they're not smart enought to really figure out the physics properly.

It is kinda a pussy force you're fighting against. a ragtag bunch of militia that won't engage head on b/c they don't stand a chance

2004-09-27 17:53:28 ET

Glad to see you excited about something hun <33

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