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2004-10-24 22:24:50 ET

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I spent a whole lot of time with my family. I went to see my sisters at college which was really nice. They introduced me to a lot of their friends and we went out for coffee. I stayed with my sister Hannah, because she has here own room, being an RA and all.
I saw a lot of my old buds, we've been friends for about 11 years. I missed those guys a lot! We went out for Pizza King (rock) and played a bunch of videogames as per usual.
I missed home a lot. And now its incredible how much i miss home again! I am already counting down the days until i get to see my family again.

2004-10-24 22:28:57 ET

sorry i missed your birthday...

sounds like you had fun... pretty awesome... there are pizza kings in tx?....

(in nc we didn't have none... but i went to one a lot in Indiana... good stuff)...

glad ya had fun... hope things are goin' well?

2004-10-25 15:43:06 ET

glad you had fun, sure sounds like you did!!! <333

2004-10-28 17:04:31 ET

I'm glad you had a good time, sweetheart. =) It's nice to read your page and know you were smiling when you typed it!

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