2004-10-28 23:35:29 ET

what is everyone going to be for Halloween? I'm stuck being G.I. Joe yet AGAIN!!

2004-10-29 02:50:38 ET

I'mma be...be...be...A very intoxicated Courtney.

2004-10-29 06:57:51 ET

i'm going to be a lazy jessicka.

2004-10-29 08:10:51 ET

i'm gonna be a pirate.

2004-10-29 11:32:03 ET

Elvira on top, Mortisha on the bottom

2004-10-29 12:05:08 ET

liar, you werent GI Joe last year. I know, I was there.

2004-11-03 15:17:46 ET

I was a bumble bee.

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