2004-10-30 07:10:55 ET

so i have a wonderful idea for how to solve the problem of the middle east. we line up in a squad line. start in the east side of baghdad and march thru to the west and kill everything that moves. did i mention how much i love the fucking country?!

2004-10-30 07:11:47 ET

i don't think i heard you mention your love towards the country

2004-10-30 07:12:17 ET

oh well i do... enough to obliterate everything in it

2004-10-30 07:15:39 ET

so does this mean you may go A.w.o.l?

2004-10-30 07:18:55 ET

no, but i wouldn't mind going psycho and killing all of Baghdad

2004-10-30 07:19:31 ET

yea... kinda sucks y'all have to be stuck over there...

2004-10-30 07:21:40 ET

beyond sucks. i can't even describe my contempt for this country to you. I abhor the middle east. the world would be a better place without it.

2004-10-30 07:23:22 ET

somehow i can understand that...

2004-10-30 10:21:46 ET

They probably love you about as much. However, it is their country and not yours, so they have some justification.

2004-10-30 11:16:14 ET

so even the children who are playing in the street and thier mothers?

2004-10-31 21:18:24 ET

no, not really. i was just expressing my hate for this country. I wouldn't really kill innocent people, Tabby.

2004-11-02 18:05:42 ET


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