to all those with 2 cents
2004-10-31 21:22:08 ET

everyone seems to be a 'know it all' about what is going on in Iraq. well, i've got news for all of you types. I'M the one at war. I'M the one in Iraq. so the next time anyone feels the need to tell ME about Iraq. save your bullshit. I'M THE ONE IN THE WAR!!! AND ITS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS THAT YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT IT!!

2004-10-31 21:48:43 ET

with the exception of, Tina. She knows whats going on too

2004-11-01 04:50:21 ET

yes, I do. But it doesnt mean I agree with everything...

I just want everyone home, rather than there. I try not to keep up with everything - it was hard enough seeing my husband come home and have nightmares about children screaming all night. Keith has lost it, as have a lot of people I know.

Does this justify mass murder? does this justify wanting to kill everyone and be done with it? No, of course not. You're in the army (saying this in general, so are a lot of people I know) and of course the idea and the want is going to be there. But really, there is no justification for wanting to kill someone, anyone, unless you have to.

It honestly kills me to hear you talk like that. Some of the sweetest guys I knew back in Jan - March left for Iraq and the next time I talked to them, they were angry and disenchanted. I realize this is the price you pay in war. But is it worth it? It will have changed everyone, and not for the better. I miss you guys, but is it the memory I am missing and not who you have become? It scares me. Im really sorry you have to go through all of this.

It effects all of us, regardless if you are there or here. 3 years ago, I wouldnt have paid a second glance to them mentioning someone on the news dying in Iraq. Now I check the lists all the time. It's much different to have an opinion when you're involved than if you're not.

blah blah blah, I say too much.

I miss you man, I cant wait until you guys finally come home. :)

2004-11-01 06:07:47 ET

don't worry Tina. i have only changed for the better, the little that i have changed. we miss you too!!! Tell Keith we miss him also!

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