i write this like anyone gives a fuck
2004-11-01 06:33:46 ET

yesterday i was on the reactionary force. Its essentially a small unit that responds if the camp gets attacked.
I worked out today, yet again.
someone actually sent me mail which was nice. its good to know ALL of your friends haven't forgotten you just because you're in a GODDAMN WAR!!!

2004-11-01 06:45:44 ET

that blows!

2004-11-01 06:53:53 ET

Glad you got some nice mail, I know it sucks when civilians think they have a clue and also think you have a choice!

2004-11-01 07:06:24 ET

Do you want to be added to my "send gatorade" list??? :)

2004-11-02 06:57:32 ET

lol thanks, but i don't do the gatorade thing. thank you though

2004-11-03 15:21:25 ET

Some of us care.


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