2004-11-03 23:48:17 ET

-SGT MILLER was killed in action today when an ARROW tore through his body armor piercing his left lung and severing 2 major arteries. SGT MILLER was rushed to the central Army Surgical Hospital, but was unable to be saved and was overcome by his wounds. The Cherebim known only as 'Cupid' has been detained and is currently being questioned heavily.

2004-11-03 23:51:21 ET

SGT PETER T. MILLER is being posthumously awarded the bronze star for galantry in the line of love...

2004-11-04 05:40:08 ET

oh... I get it....

for a second I was like... "wait... is their bodyarmor Kevlar or ceramic"

2004-11-04 18:03:54 ET

got scared for a second there.....

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