hell from above
2004-11-08 20:16:54 ET

falujah is getting the shit kicked out of it today by U.S. troops!! woohoo!!! burn assholes!!!!!!!

2004-11-10 04:03:57 ET

nice job, not to be inflammatory, but have a good time utilising lethal force on people who want thier own country. not -yours-. although i can see the role of the soldier is not ask questions but to act (something about akira?).

2004-11-12 04:26:33 ET

with all due respect, bro, You really have absolutely no idea what is going on over here.

2004-11-12 15:01:19 ET

yeah, i dunno, as far as military actions go, i really object, especially to the whole thing.i was drunk at the time and got a bit pissed off, all the same. i wasnt criticsing your job as a soldier.

2004-11-12 23:33:12 ET

thanks bro, i wasn't being inflamatory either :) you are entitled to your opinion

2004-11-13 14:59:10 ET

i dunno, its hard to see death lightly as a civilian. i hope the pays worth it though (my morals are flexible with the right amount of money on offer *rofl*)

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